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Security in the management of cash funds

The Punto Giallo® cash management solution is combined with a supervision software that allows you to profile, monitor and manage the various profiles of the counter operators.

This solution is unique in the panorama of cash management because it allows you to manage both the withdrawal of the cash fund and its payment, allowing counter operators to have no responsibility for the money, avoiding safes or other safety devices.

The use of a software for managing cash funds is particularly suitable for hospitals, large-scale distribution and companies that manage cash and that need an innovative solution capable of making cash management a safe process.

Punto Giallo® PGK-VP is the cash management tool developed by Metropolis which allows companies with multiple counter / operators / cashiers to manage cash funds precisely and efficiently, avoiding wasting time or shortages during the control phase.


Soluzione Punto Giallo VP Metropolis

Sturdy structure made of steel sheet, compact and self-supporting, without impact on the destination rooms and prepared for an anchoring system on the floor.


  • Local and remote management software developed by Metropolis

  • 17 "touchscreen monitor

  • Solution divided into two modules: Payment and Withdrawal

  • Payment module consisting of a high-speed coin and banknote acceptor

  • Withdrawal module consisting of dispensers in 7 cones and two very high capacity cuts

  • Thermal printer in 112mm format

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