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Innovative and technological services

In the 1990s, the PA was limited by bureaucratic slowness and the need for physical operators. In Italy, innovative automated technological tools, typically marked with yellow on the counters, have revolutionized the way public services are provided.

Easy-to-use tools, technological services within everyone's reach and recognizable. This is the core business of Metropolis called Punto Giallo® .

The Punto Giallo® brand identifies tailor-made equipment for each service provider operating in Italy.

In some market areas Punto Giallo® is synonymous with self-service counters and offers its solutions to the Public Administration through MEPA and the main E-PROCUREMENT platforms.

Metropolis was founded in Milan in 1991 with the aim of improving the use of services through technological tools. Main mission is the introduction of innovative services with high technological value in the relationship between public administration and citizens.

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