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Cash drawer

Metropolis realizes CashEdge self-service solutions which, connected to the cash point in the store, allow the automatic management of collections and the distribution of change. The management of payments for car parks, shops and large-scale distribution can be simplified by using the cash drawer .

Thanks to the CashEdge system, the Punto Giallo® automatic pay stations for payments in car parks and shops allow:


  1. respect the HACCP rules which regulate, among other things, the behavior of the cashier who handles both money and food in general.

  2. completely avoid shortages as each transaction is tracked.

  3. Optimize the frequency of use of the Security Holders.

  4. avoid having to pay cash allowances as all cash is handled by CashEdge.

  5. be much faster than any cashier both in collecting and dispensing change in the special change drawer .

  6. save time in carrying out cash transactions thanks to the automatic drawer .

  7. have a very small size despite being very safe and capacious.

  8. be installed on the edge of the counter so as to predominantly occupy the space between the counter and the User.

  9. have the greatest autonomy on the market.


Sturdy structure made of sheet steel, designed to be coupled to any counter occupying only 20cm of surface.

Equipped with telescopic bracket to unload the weight on the ground.

The solution manages:

  • Dispensing of 6 coins and two banknote denominations

  • Acceptance of all denominations and coinsii

  • Instant delivery speed

  • Functionality is connected to the cash point via Metropolis CashNet sw and "stand alone"

cassetto rendiresto

Front view

cassetto automatico

Side view

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