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Digital signage: interactive and informative multimedia totems

Metropolis realizes Digital Signage solutions through multimedia totems equipped with screens from 50 to 70 inches.

Metropolis designs both interactive multimedia totems equipped with touch screens and simply information totems .

The digital signage solutions using totems can be completed by the creation of information portals that can be navigated by means of a touchscreen or the management, through an editor, of the layouts and scheduling of the schedule.

In particular, digital signage totems are appreciated by public administrations who want to innovate their status as a provider of services and information to their citizens.

Interactive multimedia totems are information and communication tools increasingly used by private companies and shopping centers.


Totem for Digital Signage made of MDF.


  • Schedule management software

  • Monitor with minimum size 50 "

  • Touch screen

  • Height 1.90 m

  • Modern design

  • Wheel option to facilitate movement

  • Portal / information schedule created ad hoc and also usable from mobile devices

digital signage
totem multimediali touch screen
totem multimediali interattivi

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