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Software platform for special projects

In the internal Research and Development department, Metropolis develops special projects by providing customers with the experience in the creation of self-service solutions and automatic pay stations.

For example, Metropolis has developed customized solutions for:

  • Refill of canteen purses for example at the offices of Tuscan universities

  • Purchase of Fast Track and Lounge for example at Turin Airports

  • Management of Trenitalia tickets via software platform

  • Management of Check-In and Check-Out for hotels via software platform

  • Management of automatic parking systems

  • Self-service system for airlines

  • Ticketing systems for events, shows and museums


Metropolis has developed all these solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers and, thanks to its experience in the development of hardware and software platforms, has transformed every request into a simple and effective solution.

Millions of users interact with Metropolis fast tracks and automatic parking systems every year. However, the company is also able to install its software platform on equipment produced by third parties in order to expand the services offered efficiently.

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Soluzione per Mense Metropolis
Soluzione Aeroporti
Soluzione Ticketing
sistemi di parcheggio automatici

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